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Bible Land Tours

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The Bible is the all-time bestseller and the ultimate tour guide. Follow the trail of the Bible and experience a unique and special encounter with the Holy Land. Tour the ancient ruins, visit Jerusalem, Hazor, Dan, Meggido, Lachish and discover Israel, the land of the Bible. What an incredible adventure.

On this tour you will accompany Elijah into the vineyards of the Israeli prophets, see the actual story of David and Goliath in the Ella valley, the ‘Mistress on the hill’, David’s army and Saul’s defeat on the Gilboa, the conquest of Lish by the Dan tribe, and so much more besides.

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Your guided tour in Israel starts Here, design your own guided tour to this magical land, the Land of Israel To start planning your trip to Israel right now, simply select a licensed Israel Tour Guide from our list, contact him directly.

Bible Land Tours

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