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The best place to go Bungee Jumping in Israel is at the Bnot Yaakov Bridge. private tour

The views are spectacular and the bridge is located right above the Jordan River. That is where we set up the Bungee ropes to have an epic time! There are not many places to go Bungee Jumping in Israel, however this is one of our treasured sites for many reasons.

The Location

It is right next to Dalton cliff which is where we go rock climbing and rappelling. Many Private Tours choose to start with Rock Climbing and Rappelling and then choose to go Bungee Jumping in Israel.

We will start our adventure at the Gesher Bnot Yaakov Bridge. We will set up the Bungee ropes and you will put on our safety gear. It is thrilling, exciting, and full of adventure. One by one we will take turns to Bungee jump off the bridge. It will feel incredible!

Bangee Israel

There are not so many places to go bungee jumping in Israel. This is our most treasured site for this activity. 

Daughters of Jacob Bridge Bungee

We offered this activity to groups of various sizes and various ages. It is a favored tour and our clients always finish the day feelings adrenaline, accomplishment, challenge, and victory.

If you like extreme sport activities then we highly recommend you try out our three part tour called Dalton, Wonder Road, and Daughters of Jacob Bridge. Daughters of Jacob Bridge is the bridge we will bungee jump off of. Each activity is full of nature! At Dalton we will rock climb and Rappell. This unique combination of activities leaves room for everything.

If you are looking to go bungee jumping in Israel this is the tour for you! You will have an epic day filled with unforgettable memories. Book your next adventure today. Speak with one of our tour directors so you can get all your questions answered. Speaking with one of our tour guides is always the best way to find out which activities are near you! Many adventures that you don’t know about can be close by.

We are excited to bungee jump with you!!!

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Bungee Jumping in Israel

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