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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Stepping back, off of a high cliff, jumping off the edge into the unknown, against all your body’s natural survival instincts is thrillingly exhilarating. Canyoning in Israel has become quite popular since Israel is full of adrenaline seekers and those who love extreme adventure sports.

Also called canyoneering, Canyoning in Israel, is different from just abseiling / rappelling and rock climbing since it utilizes many different techniques, i.e. swimming, scrambling, jumping, rappelling, climbing and even rafting or kayaking.

Canyoning in Israel is mostly associated with technical descents which require rappels/ abseils and rope-work, and technical: climbing, down-climbing, jumps, and swimming.

Most often done in isolated and craggy settings, canyoning in Israel demands navigational and wilderness travel proficiency, but don’t worry, there are many user-friendly canyons in Israel which are easier to navigate and great for beginners.

The best canyons for canyoning in Israel are most often carved into the bedrock stone, forming narrow chasms and crevices with an abundance of descents, magnificently carved walls, and beautiful waterfalls (dry and wet).

There are very simple to navigate canyons in Israel, and much more complicated and aggressive canyons, although priority is most often on beauty and how exciting the canyon is, instead of how hard it is.

A huge selection of canyoning routes are found throughout the land of Israel, and canyoning is enjoyed by Israeli’s and tourists of all ages and skill levels.

Exploring nature in a way that otherwise is completely inaccessible is what canyoning in Israel is all about.

If you like to investigate, love extreme thrilling sports, and enjoy the extraordinary, canyoning in Israel is perfect for you.

Israel’s amazingly varied geography is home to an array of canyons, offering canyoneers a multitude of sites to go canyoning in Israel. Israel’s best canyoning locations are found in its deserts and in the Golan. Some of the routes are open to everyone, while the most fun and exciting canyoning routes in Israel are reserved for the more experienced. Don’t fret, if you don’t have experience canyoning in Israel, all you need is an experienced and licensed guide to assist you.

Canyoning in Deserts

The majority of people visualize canyons in mountains with flowing rivers and streams. Israel has beautiful wet canyons in the Golan Heights, yet its most famous for its’ desert canyons in the south of Israel.

Nachal Tamar is probably the most favored of Israel’s canyoneering routes as well as the best choice for newbies. Its’ magnificent scenery, 20-meter high cliff and the ability to descend the canyon with or without rappelling make this a great choice for beginners canyoning in Israel.
Nachal Tamar is a fun and easy canyon, certainly not challenging as well as its good simply because you will find ladders by the hurdles when folks don’t wish to rappel.

Some of the more challenging and ambitious canyons in Israel include: Nachal Tamarim – where you have 165 foot waterfalls which have beautiful geological shapes. These falls are dry most of the year; Nachal Rachaf — boasts nine 95 foot dry waterfalls and a pool for your swimming pleasure; and Nachal Chatzatzon – The largest and longest canyon in Israel, includes rappelling down three dry waterfalls, including one of the highest rappels possible in the country of Israel at 394 feet down the highest cliff in Israel.

Canyoning in Galilee

The Yehodiya hike, in Israel’s northern canyon, at the Yehudiya Nature Reserve, has a 30-meter high rappel straight into mineral water; as well as two 20-meter high waterfalls. Also at the Yehudiya Nature Reserve, the Black Canyon hike, created from volcanic rock, features an unmarked hike reserved for groups led by licensed tour guides only. This tour includes a lot of climbing over large boulders, and within the wild brush of the Golan Heights jungle. Most of this hike takes place next to or inside of the water, from ankle high to knee deep, including three thrilling rappels through flowing waterfalls.

Canyoning in Israel, although it is not in the same class as canyoning in the United States, competes greatly with canyoning in Europe. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced canyoneer, canyoning in Israel will be great fun for you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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