Christian Tours in Israel

The Holy land, the cradle of Christianity and Judaism is the unique destination for pilgrims tours. Visit the holy sites and sacred places of the Old Testament and New Testament; explore the ancient churches and monasteries which represent all churches and denominations.

Holy Sites in Israel

Israel christian tourIsrael Christian tours From Jerusalem to Jericho, Galilee to Nazareth, Jaffa to the Golan, come and join a tour guide, a walking encyclopedia of information as he escorts you ‘Back to the Beginning’.

Tour Guides for Pilgrims

with our Israel Tour Guides you can Follow the footsteps of Jesus, Ecce Homo, remembering the miracles at the Sea of Galilee, the suffering at the Via Dolorosa.

Visit the historical churches such as the Church of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, Caesarea Philippi, Capernaum, St.Peter’s Church and enjoy Christmas in Bethlehem.pilgrims tours and Christian tours in Israel

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Your guided tour in Israel starts Here, design your own guided tour to this magical land, the Land of Israel To start planning your trip to Israel right now, simply select a licensed Israel Tour Guide from our list, contact him directly.

Christian Tour in The Holy Land

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Israel christian tour

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