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“when will this insanity end”?

Many of us are sitting at home looking out our windows wondering, “when will this insanity end?!”

Never before have we experienced something that has stopped the entire world in its tracks so to speak. We used to drive to the supermarket without any qualms. We once were able to hug whomever we wanted. Now, the mere thought of any of those two activities sends us skidding to a halt.

Off the Beaten Track Tours

While activities centered around people might be slightly difficult to accomplish right now, there is a life ring amidst this pandemic. Nature. We here in Israel Extreme are proud that we take our clients off the beaten track, which means you are nowhere near people and crowds. We have opened up new sites such as the Nachal Gilbon! This luscious site is located in the Golan Heights and is one of the most famous streams known in Israel. It contains a steep descent into the Hula Valley and carves its way into the Jordan near what is known as the “cork bridge”. This stream has a flow of water all year round and along its edges grows thick and rich vegetation such as oak and fig trees, river hawthorns, and many more species. Once inside the creek the view itself needs a few moments to take in. The view itself attracts avid hikers from all over the country.

‘Deborah’s Waterfall’

We begin our adventure in the parking lot and from here we make our way onto the marked path towards the creek channel that leads to ‘Deborah’s Waterfall’. This area is actually named after an ancient Syrian village that is nearby. Further down the trail, as we walk towards the creek, after about 2km we will reach the top of the incredibly breathtaking Gilbon Waterfall! This awe inspiring waterfall is a jaw dropping 50m high and is the highest flowing waterfall in all of Israel. At this point, we begin our descent off of the marked path and begin walking to the top of the waterfall by following our guide who will prepare the abseiling position. Now for the moment we all dream of, one by one, we will connect our ropes and glide over the strong and powerful waterfall all the way to the bottom where a large pool of water awaits! Once we splash our way in, we’ll swim across the pool and once ashore, we’ll take a moment to take in the huge falls we just slid down! Once we finish disconnecting from our ropes, we will continue onto the marked trail and climb back towards the parking lot where we first began our journey.

Israel Extreme Abseiling Experience

This is an incredibly unique and rare opportunity for an extreme abseiling experience. Not only are the views enough to send the most experienced hiker into their own paradise, but it is a great adventure and a great way to cool down from this heat we are experiencing!

Author: Gateway to Israel Tours

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Climbing Through Corona Times

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Deborah Waterfall

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