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The Summer are just around the corner, and families all across Israel are beginning to ponder ‘what should we do with the kids?!’

Via Ferrata Exciting Off The Beaten Track

We have all done the usual run of the mill activities of going to the seashore, or the zoo. Why not step off the beaten track and find yourself doing one of the most exciting and fun activities in Israel?! When it comes to outdoor adventures here in Israel, Israel Extreme is the best private touring company with plenty of choices for all ages. From epic skydiving adventures, to climbing the most scenic mountains – there are activities perfect for the entire family.

One Day Family Tour Via Ferrata

One of our most popular sites for families is the Via Ferrata. This is a cliff found at the top of the Ramim Cliff which sits right above Kiryat Shemonah. It is a family favourite because it is the only cliff in all of Israel where people can experience the Italian sport called Via Ferrata. To begin our journey, we start down a short hill towards the magnificent cliff nicknamed ‘Liar Cliff’ by its many rock climbing and sport enthusiast fans – curious why? Ask your tour guide! Once standing at the top of the cliff, the view itself is breathtaking. After taking in the views, we kick off our escapade by rappelling down the cliff until we reach the bottom.

Rappelling Via Ferrata

Rappelling really is not too intimidating. It is a fantastic way to step into your own confidence! One our entire group has reached the bottom, together we will continue to the unique Italian sport, Via Ferrata, and get ready with our gear! Once everyone has their gear, we will begin to walk on the face of the rock using cables, rungs, and metal handles that uses an already built-in climbing course that is full of fun and adventure! The Via Ferrata path leads us to a spacious lookout that provides a bird’s eye view of the scenery around, and gives a visual access to hills which many tourists have never seen before.

Golan Heights Hula Valley View

Sitting high above the Hula Valley, with Mount Hermon before you, and the Golan Heights stretching endlessly outwards towards the South for sure will embed memories for you and your family for years to come. When we finish the Via Ferrata course, we will find ourselves at the bottom of the cliff and will have a free rock climbing experience where we can go as fast or slow as you are comfortable with! The cliff has many different routes you can choose from, and is perfect for beginners and/or experts. The best part is that you will be able to meet other rock climbers and enjoy the extreme atmosphere all around you.

Hunin Ancient Cusaders Fortress

After our crusade, we will continue on with a short drive to a nearby fortress built by ancient crusaders called the Hunin Fortress. Here we will have the option to enjoy the especially hidden and impressive fortress with enormous rooms and massive stones with a vast amount of history. During the Summer season, we have the option of climbing down a ladder to the water tank that is camouflaged under the fortress where we can even go for a swim! What other perfect ending is there for a hot Summer day?!

Author: Gateway to Israel Tours

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Via Ferrata

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