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 Top 5 Family-Friendly Summer Hikes

It’s always fun to go hiking in Israel with your family in the summer. But finding the right hike for everybody is difficult. Here are our top 5 family-friendly suggestions for summer hiking in Israel.

Banias waterfall Hike

A must-see in the cooler Golan Heights, the Banias waterfall pours out of a limestone cave surrounded by lush and shady trails near the base of Mr. Hermon. The largest waterfall in Israel and a site of biblical importance, Banias combines the best of nature and history while hiking in Israel. Families will enjoy walking along the stream while looking for a cool place to go hiking in Israel.

Jilabun Stream Hiking

The refreshing Jilabun Stream offers a cool break from the searing summer heat when you want to go hiking in Israel with your family. One of the most spectacular water hikes in Israel, the stream flows from the central Golan Heights to the Hula Valley with the famous Dvora and Jilabun Waterfalls. Make sure to bring your bathing suit for cool dips in the inviting pools at the base of the falls. Add a short historical tour of the nearby ancient synagogue in Kfar Dvora for an outstanding summer hike in Israel.

Nachal Snir

For a short, fun family hiking in Israel adventure, head to Nachal Snir, one of the Jordan River’s longest tributaries. Nature lovers will enjoy small waterfalls, rushing streams, wading pools and lush foliage along the Snir River. Clamber over boulders, jump over tree roots, bend under thick branches, climb a riverbed wall and wade through knee deep water while hiking in Israel. With trails of varying lengths and difficulty, including one that is wheelchair accessible, this is a greatest hiking in Israel adventure for the entire family.

Ein Tina Summer Hike

Ein Tina is a family friendly hiking in Israel outing with a spring that flows all year round. Located in the Hula Valley, the spring bubbles over a waterfall into a eucalyptus grove where it collects in a shaded pool. The grinding stones of an old flour mill are visible along the path that leads from the pool. Those who want to get wet while hiking in Israel can wade through the shallow stream, while those who prefer to stay dry can follow a winding path up to the top of the hill. At this point the spring empties through a large pipe in the middle of a fig grove. Here children of all ages can play and cool down on a hot day while hiking in Israel and enjoying beautiful views of the Hula Valley.

Zaki River Hike

One of the most popular water hiking in Israel adventures for families visiting in the North is the Zaki River, which flows from its source in the Yehodiya Nature Reserve into the Kinneret. This day-long hike leads through mostly knee-deep water, with some spots deep enough to swim across. With slippery pebbles and rocks lining the riverbed, you will splash your way through the watery trail! If you are hiking in Israel with young children who can’t swim, make sure to bring along water wings to help them stay afloat. Eucalyptus trees and lush vegetation along the banks offer a shady canopy along the way and protection from the summer sun while hiking in Israel.

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Summer Hiking in Israel

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