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Have you ever dreamt of flying over the landscape like a bird? Seeing the beauty of Israel unfolding before you, all whilst floating smoothly along? If you take a Hot Air Balloon ride in Israel, you can have this! Nothing Extreme here, just a wonderful slow floating on air, leaving you to survey the wonders below.


Fill The Wind

When you reach the Balloon site, you will see the basket and balloon lying on the ground. As the pilot starts the burner, the air inside the balloon starts to heat up, and the balloon inflates. Soon it will be time to climb into the basket and start your Hot Air Balloon ride in Israel. If you closed your eyes you wouldn’t even feel the basket ascending, it is so smooth! Once you reach approximately 2000 feet, your pilot will let the balloon just float. There is no way of steering a hot air balloon, it gets taken by the wind. Your pilot will be expert at knowing how the wind is blowing at different altitudes and he can change altitude so that the balloon will go in the direction he wants it to.


Hot Air Balloon rides in Israel generally take place at sunrise, so you will see the sun coming over the horizon as you float up in to the air. The early morning haze will be lifting, and the countryside slowly unfolds beneath you. This is a very special experience, being up in the air but not cut off from it by windows as you would be in a plane. You feel at one with nature, you can hear and see the animals below you.

Float gently over the landscape

Now your Adventure starts! You float gently over the landscape, watching everything from a birdseye view. It is calming, romantic, gentle and therapeutic! You could almost imagine you were on a ship, just floating along. Let your worries float away from you & just live in the moment.
A Hot Air Balloon ride in Israel is on many people’s bucket lists, and a great gift for wedding anniversaries!

After about one hour, the pilot will start bringing the Hot Air Balloon down. He will find a convenient area to land. Again, the descent is smooth and slow. As you land on the ground you will feel a few bumps, and then the balloon will deflate next to you.

Now it is time for a special champagne breakfast, your pilot will hand out certificates to everyone, and you can chat about the experience you have just had. A Hot Air Balloon Ride in Israel is always beautiful and never boring!

hot air baloon tour

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Hot Air Balloon in Israel

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