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Hotels in Israel

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Boutique Hotels in Israel

A new trend for boutique hotels is developing in Israel. These are smaller establishments normally located in quiet, rural settings. They target discerning tourists who are looking for a different kind of hotel in Israel. Boutique hotels are independent, which although giving them many disadvantages when you consider the benefits of staying in a hotel chain, manage to turn these disadvantages into features if not advantages. Their more personal service and independent feel appeals to many, in addition to the fact that they are located outside of the main tourist hotspots and offer guests a unique trip.


In terms of price, boutique hotels need to compete with large hotel chains so many do manage to keep their prices in line with bigger competitors. Some however, will be slightly more expensive.

Boutique hotels may be smaller but are still a comfortable option for guests, many of whom are happy to pay a higher price for more personal hosting, friendly service and perhaps a little more prestige too.

Some boutique hotels offer alternative services or cater for specific audiences. There are boutique hotels serving organic food, providing massage or alternative health treatments as well as those that welcome pets.

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Hotels in Israel

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