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Day 1:

4-Hour Jeep Tour in the Judean Desert

This tour will include four hours of exhilarating steep ascents and descents through the Judean Desert, with panoramic views of the Dead Sea, Jordan, and the Jerusalem mountains. Experience the beauty of the desert wilderness and the spectacular desert landscapes. We will see the nomadic life of the Bedouins, desert birds and animals, and hear about the history, geology, flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem.

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Day 2

The Salt Wonder - Hiking, Rappelling and Spelunking

(This is exceptional since it’s a combination of canyon and salt cave – hiking underground. )

An underground natural phenomena, the Salt Wonder is one of the most unique, adventurous and exciting tours in Israel. With a desert hike scaling sheer cliffs using ladders and stairs, breathtaking scenery, dramatic rappelling and spelunking in the sublime underground salt cave, this tour leads you through an incredibly diverse range of activities.
Our adventure will start at the lowest spot on earth 1,370 feet below sea level with a steep, uphill hike to the top of a natural salt mountain. As we make our way up we will marvel at the awe-inspiring views of the Dead Sea spread out beneath our feet and the Mountains of Jordan just beyond. Our hike will reach a cozy canyon, where a mysterious and substantially sized hole will lead us deep into the belly of the earth. Here, your guide will set up ropes to belay each person – one at a time – nearly 300 feet down through a gradually widening chimney made of pure salt to the cave floor. One of the most unique rappels – if not the best – in Israel, your eyes will pop with wonder at the multi-hued salt-crystal walls. Once everyone has gathered at the bottom, a real spelunking hike begins into the depths of this huge natural salt cave. Natural salt caves are a rare geological phenomenon that exist only in one other place in the world besides Israel – Iran! Unlike limestone caves, where stalactites and stalagmites form into nearly shapeless cones, the salt crystals of this cave grow into beautiful and extraordinary shapes sparkling with different colors in the beam of your headlamps.
During our adventurous spelunking through this unique cave we will crawl through tight spots, climb into huge chambers, and see rare sights that limited humans have seen. You will even need to crawl on your belly
in two short spots! Our exploration of the Salt Wonder’s surreal underground beauty will end when we eventually pop out of the cave by the beach of the Dead Sea.

Each person who is going to do the caving will need a headlamp. You can either bring them with you, or we can purchase them for you here. 
The rappelling is mandatory. Caving is challenging but anyone in decent shape can do it. No experience is necessary.
This tour can be done as a day hike, as an amazingly beautiful night hike, or for a special treat, at sunrise. During the day you have the full impact of the panoramic desert views. At night you feel the mystery of hiking by starlight and moonlight, and if we start at about four in the morning, we get to the peak of the mountain just at dawn. We will stop for tea or coffee and watch the glorious blues, oranges, pinks and greens of the sunrise over the desert. After sunrise we will enter the cave.          
Estimated time for the day: 4 ½ – 6 hours


Ein Gedi - Hiking

This hike is very flexible. You can choose from many different trails, from one hour to six hours in length. During the hike, there are many places to rest, swim and explore as much as you like. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is an oasis with a rich variety of vegetation and wildlife and even the remains of an ancient community.

Nachal Arugot and its springs, along with other abundant water sources has attracted both people and animals since the chalcolithic period, about 4500 BCE. Due to the sweet water and the high temperatures of the region, there is vegetation such as oleander, reeds, ferns, and tropical fruits.

You may see wildlife: capra, rock hyrax, river crabs and more. The highlight of the hike is the impressive hidden waterfall. Take a dip and stand under the pounding water for a natural massage! The stream burbles over rocks and shallow pools offer refreshing respite from the heat. If you’re adventurous and have water shoes, you can hike in the streambed, climbing the boulders and wading in pools.

Estimated Time: 2-6 hours

Dead Sea Kayaking

We’re so excited to offer you for the first time ever, a brand new adventure on the dazzling Dead Sea. Kayaking on the Dead Sea enables you a unique glimpse into the scenic wonder of the Dead Sea from new and unfamiliar angles.

Along the tour, we will be exposed to unique salt-crystals and formations along the shores of the sea, with stunning desert mountains surrounding us on both sides of the sea.

The multi-colors and hues of the sea, sky, and mountains will transform this into a tranquil and awe-inspiring experience.
The tour is guided by a local tour guide who has lived in a nearby kibbutz for many years, and has extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the area of the Dead Sea. Several exciting natural phenomena discovered by him (and to which you will be exposed) are being researched around the world at this very moment! Come and enjoy a multi-sensory experience full of surprises – at the lowest sea in the world.

Minimum age to kayak solo (relevant when the number of people is odd): 17 years old.

Estimated Time: 2 – 3 hours

Day 3

Ramon Crater and Saharonim Hike

We start the trek hiking towards an outlook over the Ramon Crater. We will pass through Minsara, where there is an amazing geological phenomenon: the rocks appear like symmetrically cut wood.

From there we will go to Saharonim and Parsat Nikarot, where we start climbing on the south wall of the canyon, with amazing panoramic scenery and views of the crater.

We descend to Nachal Nikarot, a wide canyon with many huge boulders, with beautiful desert landscape as far as the eye can see. Experience the desert here in all its beauty!
If it has rained recently there may be water in the Nachal. Then we will go to Ein Saharonim, a dry spring with Nabatean ruins that used to be part of the famed Spice Route

Sand Boarding and Bugee Rides

Sand-boarding on the stunning Desert Dunes of the Negev! Anyone can become a professional sandboarder!
No previous experience is required. This is suitable for all ages! Throughout the Activity there will be a shaded rest area with herbal tea and coffee for you to enjoy! You can surf the sand standing, sitting, or lying down.

Everyone at their own level of FUN!

You can now combine sand-boarding with a longer tour such as driving in sand buggies. The buggies are built for sandy terrain and are so much fun! This whole tour lasts about 3-4 hours and includes a stop by the Egyptian border, you will learn about what is happening along the border, You will also stop by an ancient Nabatean Cistern and learn about the history of that erea. We will explore the largest sand dune there is in the Negev.

We will stop along the way to serve you warm drinks and light snacks…

Camping in the Ramon Crater

Come with us for an exciting and unique glamping experience that will be the highlight of your stay in Israel.

Surrounded by the serene simplicity of the beautiful Negev Desert, our gorgeous glamping site is built up from scratch especially for you, far from
the noise and hustle of civilization. Catering to your every need, our site offers both caravan & tent options for you to choose from, shaded areas with tables chairs and a traditional Middle Eastern style sitting area around a campfire.

Enjoy a luxurious

stay in a cozy and fully equipped caravan, with a large sky-roof that allows you to see the breathtaking star filled night sky, a comfy bed with fresh linen, hot shower, towels and a fully fitted kitchen including an oven,fridge, cutlery and plates & so much more! And\or Glamping in style with our luxurious and cozy tents equipped with mats, cushions, fresh linen and lighting.

Your camp will be catered for your utmost comfort with generators, heating or fans (when needed), mats, lighting, shading, a lounge area (with out door mattresses, poufs & cushions), tables & chairs for meals, camping chairs, wood for campfires, poyke pot & saj, BBQ (gas/coal/meat smoker).

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