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Israel Summer Program

Israel Summer Program with Israel Extreme!

At Israel Extreme, we offer even more than extreme trips and tours! We have taken it up a level by offering a new summer program in Israel.
Israel Summer Camp
Now, teens looking for Israel Summer Programs in English can find exactly what they are looking for with Israel Extreme Adventure Camp. At our Israel Summer program, you’ll be experiencing all of our unique off-the-beaten-track tours in a compact program that is adventurous, safe, fun and has an emphasis on learning new skills! Our Israel summer program and adventure camp in Israel is for all ages! Here are the Top Ten reasons to consider our Israel Summer Program! Besides having the time of your life with Israel Extreme Adventure Camp, you will experience Israel in a way you didn’t think possible through this summer camp for teens in Israel.

Top Ten reasons to consider our Israel Extreme Summer Program!

  1. Explore Israel in a whole new way! You’ll enter into Israel’s caves, go under the water, repel from the mountains, soar through the air, hike the biblical land, jump from the cliffs and climb the rocks! This Israel Summer program will give you a new outlook on the Holy Land as you will spend two full weeks discovering what Israel has to offer in the most unique and hands on way.
  2. Many other camps take their campers on a one or two day Israel extreme tour, but not more than that as the tours are costly. Not us! Since this is our business, not only will we take you on tons of awesome tours, it’s affordable and guaranteed to be the most fun you’ve ever had!
  3. Rather than visiting a museum and trying to understand the history from illustrations on a wall, at this Israel Summer Program, you’ll learn about the history and the biblical stories of the land as you’re enjoying your tours!
  4. We don’t just tour some of the well-known sites in Israel, but our Israel summer program camp takes you to the very special off-the-beaten track sites, which is our specialty!
  5. All of our campers leave the camp with a smile on their face AND having so learned so many new and useful skills! They’ll partake in Krav Maga lessons, the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces, which helps enhance personal power and self-confidence, while learning self-defense skills. First-aid courses as well as wilderness training are other skillsets that the teens learn at this Israel Summer Program.
  6. We has top-notch staff who are well-trained with years of experience giving tours in Israel. Each of them have served in the Israeli Military and are competent in protecting the land from potential security threats. At our Israel Summer Program, safety is our top priority!
  7. Not only do our staff ensure safety, but our adventure camp in Israel teaches the teens outdoor safety rules. Here at our Summer Program in Israel, our wilderness survival course is a stimulating way to learn how to best navigate the nature.
  8. Our adventure camp in Israel is instilled with a Jewish atmosphere. We will have Shabbat activities, speakers and meals taking place. Campers are not asked to keep Shabbat, but are asked to respect those that do. All of the food and drinks at our Israel Summer program are kosher and there is time set aside for each camper who chooses to pray.
  9. Our Summer Program in Israel for teens is the best of both worlds! Boys and girls can both enjoy the teen camp. There are separate divisions within the camp and some activities are done separately and some together. At our Israel Summer program, we have male and female counselors for each group.
  10. With no doubt teens grow from this teen camp in Israel! Each camper gains a new level of self-confidence, strong Jewish identity, leadership skills, a deepened connection to Israel, and stress-management skills and techniques which will benefit them throughout their lives.
Israel Extreme Adventure Camp is the way to go when looking for the perfect Israel Summer Program this year and every year! israel summer camp

Author: Gateway to Israel Tours

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Israel Summer Program

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israel summer program

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