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Vacation with Israel Tour Guides

Take a Tailored Trip in Israel

Enhance Your Vacation with Israel Tour Guides
Your holiday of a lifetime starts at Gateway to Israel, where, with our advice, you can design a guided tour of Israel that takes in the historical sites and most magical places.
Our Israel Tour Guides know the country inside out and can help you to design trips of any length and for any budget.

It’s all About YOU!

You can choose an Israel Tour Guide most suited to your personal needs and itinerary. Our qualified, English speaking guides all have experience and expertise in different areas. You can select one that is most familiar with the places you are visiting, ensuring you receive an informative commentary that brings each and every place to life.
On a Gateway to Israel tour, you will not only visit places that take your breath away with their natural beauty or historical awe, but you will go home enriched by a greater understanding of the Holy Land and a thirst for a return trip!
Our experienced Israel Tour Guides can show you the most wonderful landscapes or help you to retrace the footsteps of pilgrims, Biblical characters and kings. Our personalized guided tours can take you on well trodden paths or completely off the beaten track. With Gateway to Israel you can enjoy a meaningful and memorable encounter with Israel’s rich heritage and fascinating history.

Custom-Made Tours of Israel

The Israel Tour Guides listed on Gateway to Israel Website are experts on a wide range of guided tours all over Israel. Our diverse selection of tours includes:

Following the ancient footsteps of the Christian pilgrims,
Observing Israel’s exotic wildlife and taking bird-watching tours,
Unforgettable Bat and Bar Mitzvah events,
A whole host of journeys that bring the Jewish and Christian heritages to life.
Our Israel Tour Guides are all licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, ensuring you enjoy a high quality of service by qualified professionals.
Each Israel Tour Guide develops their tours around subjects they feel passionate about and within their own areas of expertise. Their services are available in a variety of different languages.

Our company goals are:

Enhance Your Vacation with Israel Tour Guides
Gateway to Israel Tours – the Best Way to See to Israel

to provide real variety and diversity in the guided tours sector in Israel – be they family-style tours or challenging wildlife treks.
to create a relaxed, friendly relationship between travelers and our Israel Tour Guides, which begins even before they land at Ben Gurion Airport.
Our service is second to none and it is our privilege to present an exciting new range of tours especially created for Gateway to Israel by our top class Israel Tour Guides. These tours cover all areas of interest – desert treks, a poets and writers trail, eco-tourism, adventurous pursuits and more.
With the right tour guide by your side, you can get to see the best that the Holy Land has to offer; some of these places may be well known tourist sites but others may be hidden spots you would never have discovered alone.

Culture, Cuisine and Commentary

Traveling with an experienced and trustworthy guide gives you an insight into the country and culture as well as a real understanding of times present and past. Our Israel Tour Guides’ commentary will enhance every trip, allowing you to get a real feel for the lifestyles of past civilizations, understand more about Israel’s holy places and historical events or merely sample the diversity and beauty of Israel.
If you are planning a trip to Israel, take advantage of our Israel Tour Guides. Don’t settle for a ‘do-it-yourself’ tour or a standard package; with Gateway to Israel we can adapt your trip to your specific needs. You can mix adventure with rafting; history with landscapes, wine Tour with cuisine. Whatever your preference, make the most of your time in Israel by cherry picking your own tour and having the benefit of a knowledgeable Israel Tour Guide by your side.

Start Now!

To start planning your trip to Israel right now, simply select a licensed Israel Tour Guide from our list, contact him through the site and begin customizing your vacation. We guarantee you a trip to Israel that you will never forget.

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Your guided tour in Israel starts Here, design your own guided tour to this magical land, the Land of Israel To start planning your trip to Israel right now, simply select a licensed Israel Tour Guide from our list, contact him directly.

Vacation with Israel Tour Guides

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