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The Story of Maskit

Learn about the story of Maskit at our visitor’s center that located in Jaffa.
Maskit is an Israeli fashion house founded in 1954 by Ruth Dayan, wife of Moshe Dayan. It was the country’s first fashion house. Maskit produces textiles, clothing, objets d’art and jewelry.

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Maskit History

The history of Maskit fashion house from it’s start in 1954 until present day. Maskit is a lifestyle statement and is a hallmark of the arts and crafts of Israel. Maskit was established by Ruth Dayan, who will soon be celebrating her 102 years of life. Ruth was inspired by “Aliya” immigrants and wanted to preserve the ethnic and Jewish crafts of communities in Israel.

Influenced by the Israeli landscape and Jewish heritage, Sharon’s designs are a inspired by the colors of the Galilee Mountains, the Dead Sea and the Judaean Desert. Sharon’s goal is to preserve local cultures while bringing in chic modern designs. Both Rut and Sharon were driven by their passion and devotion for Israel. With Rut’s focus to Israel’s enriched culture and Sharon’s to its outstanding landscape, Maskit portrays the story of Israel.


Today, the Maskit magic lives on by Sharon Tal. Sharon is a young fashion designer who gained her vast experience internationally at Lanvin and Alexander Mcqueen. She came back to Israel to re establish the first and only israeli fashion house – Maskit. Maskit is highly admired for its interesting entry into the startup community. Sharon Tal continues Maskit’s legacy by embracing the past while pressing on the future using ancient techniques to create modern contemporary pieces.

Come meet Sharon Tal and learn about the story of Maskit at our visitor’s center located in the Old city of Jaffa opposite the flea market. Take a walk through the history of Maskit which demonstrates today’s process of the working Atelier. Start the visit in our history room admiring the vintage pieces from Rut Dayan’s archive. Get a behind the scenes sneak peek at our fashion house and explore today’s collection at our showroom

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