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Israel Extreme offers unique, personalized private tours in Israel specializing in adventure and adrenaline tours guaranteed to create memories that last a lifetime… Israel Extreme’s private tours in Israel range from pure adrenaline tours you can add Private driver …for example rappelling off a cliff or down into a cave—a real Israel adventure—to a pleasant hike through peaceful streams or rafting down the Jordan with your friends, family and of course, or skydiving in israel. English speaking, private Tour Guide.

There are countless advantages when partaking in private tours in Israel… the benefits of going on private tours in Israel far outweigh the alternative of being a part of a huge group. When you are on a private tour in Israel you avoid being at the whim of the group’s schedule and group needs. Private tours in Israel with Israel Extreme give you possibility of creating your own personalized schedule and your individualized needs are definitely met with your personal, private English speaking tour guide.

Extreme Private Tour in Israel

Israel Private ToursPrivate tours in Israel with Israel Extreme also have the advantage of personalization; the dedicated office staff and your private tour guide will work hard with you to create the best tour possible to match your interests and needs.
Another advantage of doing private tour.  Tour Guide in Israel With a Private Car is that he or she is there exclusively for you, your family and friends on the private tour. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd while on your private tours in Israel. You are the tour guides sole priority and you will therefore get his undivided attention while on your Israel adventure with Israel Extreme. This is an important factor when going on adrenaline tours specifically, as our private tour guides are highly professional, extremely patient and amazingly kind—the perfect private tour guide for all of your private tours in Israel! You will want this type of attention whether you are jumping out of a plane or spelunking down a cave for your private tours in Israel.

Flexible Tour Schedule

And yet another positive quality when going on private tours in Israel with Israel Extreme is having a flexible schedule. When you go on a large group tour there is rarely any extra time to “stop and smell the flowers” or spend more time at each site or activity as the time schedule is often very strict and pre-planned. You are rushed from one place to another, on and off the bus so fast it can make your head spin! When doing private tours in Israel with your own private tour guide, you set the tone and time schedule….
Booking with Israel Extreme is the way to go when doing private tours in Israel

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Your guided tour in Israel starts Here, design your own guided tour to this magical land, the Land of Israel To start planning your trip to Israel right now, simply select a licensed Israel Tour Guide from our list, contact him directly.

Israel Private Tours

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