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Fish Cross Necklace Roman Glass with 925 Silver

The Fish cross is a symbol of hope, faith and love. It is a perfect and meaningful handcrafted gift for a loved one.

Pendant Size: 2.1 / 1 inch or 5.2 /2.5 cm



An exclusive collection of handcrafted jewelry unique combination of Sterling Silver blended with shards of 2,000-year-old antique Roman Glass creating the most magnificent pieces of jewelry.

The centerpiece of this necklace is a delicate Cross. The cross is a powerful reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity’s salvation. Below the cross a gracefully designed and intricate fish is connected.  The fish is a powerful Christian symbol and holds deep historical significance, representing Jesus Christ and the early Christians. Its form is created by intertwining two arcs, reminiscent of the Greek word “Ichthys,” which translates to “fish.” This symbolizes Christ’s presence and His promise to make His followers “fishers of men.” By wearing this necklace, you carry a testament of your faith close to your heart.

Our Fish Cross Necklace incorporates a small piece of Roman glass, adding a touch of history to its design. This glass, with its beautiful shade of blue, is dated back to the time of the Roman Empire, and makes the necklace a unique piece of wearable antiquity. The rich hues and of the glass symbolize the passage of time and the enduring nature of faith. The Roman Glass used in my jewelry has been discovered at the archaeological sites of the Roman Empire in Israel. Each piece of Roman Glass is examined and certified for authenticity by the best experts in the Roman Glass field.

The jewelry has Designer Michal Kirat Logo signature and 925 sterling silver mark stamped on the back.
All my jewelry made with love and inspiration from the Holy Land of Israel.
Best for boutiques and art galleries.Wholesaler’s choice.


To ensure the longevity of your Fish Cross Necklace, it’s essential to handle it with care. Sterling silver may naturally tarnish over time, but can be easily maintained with regular cleaning and proper storage. with proper care, your necklace will maintain its luster for many years to come.

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Ancient Roman Glass, Sterling Silver 925



Chain Length

17'', 18'', 20'', 24''

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Fish Cross Necklace Roman Glass with 925 Silver

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