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Unique Jerusalem Cross Design Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

Gift of Faith Designer Necklace Jerusalem Cross 925 Silver with Roman Glass

Pendant Size: 1.1 / 0.9 inch or 2.8 / 2.3 cm



Authentic Jerusalem Cross design in 925 silver Roman glass necklace Also known as Crusader Cross The back of this necklace is open to show the Roman glass , which is covered with Authentic Patina . Excellent Religious Gift . This beautiful necklace is set with a large round piece of ancient Roman glass multicolor of aqua, blue and greens. The setting is sterling silver with an organic, modern design. This is a stunning, one of a kind artisan piece. Great way to wear ancient history around your neck! An exclusive collection of handcrafted jewelry unique combination of Sterling Silver blended with shards of 2,000-year-old antique Roman Glass creating the most magnificent pieces of jewelry. The Roman Glass used in my jewelry has been discovered at the archaeological sites of the Roman Empire in Israel. Each piece of Roman Glass is examined and certified for authenticity by the best experts in the Roman Glass field.
The jewelry has Designer Michal Kirat Logo signature and 925 sterling silver mark stamped on the back.
All my jewelry made with love and the inspiration from the Holy Land of Israel.
Best for boutiques and art galleries .Wholesaler?s choice.

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Ancient Roman Glass, Sterling Silver 925



Chain Length

17'', 18'', 20'', 24''

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Unique Jerusalem Cross Design Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

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