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Want to have an exciting adventure in Israel? Make sure to add rappelling in Israel to your list of things to do. 

What is rappelling in Israel all about?

The word “rappelling”, from the French mountaineering term, “to recall” is mainly a term used in the United States. Called “snappeling” in Israel, in most of the other countries in the world rappelling is known as “abseiling”, from the German word “abseilen” which means “down a rope.”

Whether you call it abseiling, snappeling, or rappelling, it is the method of descending a near-vertical obstacle using a rope amidst controlled conditions. Rappelling in Israel has long been utilized in canyoning/canyoneering, mountain climbing, caving, and mountaineering to descend terrain which is too arduous to easily hike down.


Many times rappelling in Israel is the only way to get from one point on your route to the next. Even where there may be a down route, the descent can be perilous and abounding with loose rock or other dangers.

Just recently however, rappelling has become its own preferred sport in Israel! Rappelling in Israel is an extremely adventurous activity appropriate for all levels of ability.

Amaizing Aadventure Activity

Controlled descent from a high location to a lower location is a thrilling way to connect with the land of Israel and its landscape, nature and environment, which you otherwise would never get to see from such a perspective. The wonderful thing about rappelling in Israel is that it is so simple to learn.

Rappelling is employed in various sports in Israel for a multitude of reasons. Rock climbers in Israel typically use it to come back to the bottom of their climb or to achieve a brand new route.

Canyoneers in Israel use rappelling to traverse down cliffs and waterfalls once easy hiking is no longer possible. Spelunkers in Israel use rappelling to get to underground shafts. However, recreational rappellers in Israel simply love the thrill of the descent and come back to the top in order to rappell down again and again!

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Rappelling in Israel

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