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Can you remember that feeling when we were little balancing off the top of the highest diving board towering over the pool?

The sense of fear as your tum drops to the floor, and your toes dangle – hesitating at the edge while breathing in quick startled breaths. Rappelling may appear easy to some, but once you reach the edge of the cliff, this all too familiar feeling re-emerges. Rappelling in Israel has never been this popular and is now in high demand. In the age where everything is at your fingertips, people are now seeking the unfamiliar and long to head to the off beaten paths. Whether you seek the mysteries of the desert, or the lush jungle of the North – rappelling with Israel Extreme will take you deep into your wildest dreams.

Rappelling in the Negev Desert

When people think of the desert they may picture a land devoid of any life, and caravans traveling to exotic and distant lands. They may even think of the stories from Arabian Nights. However, the desert is a magical place filled with astonishing beauty and a tangible silence. Nachal Og is a hike that brings you through dry gorges that was formed by the Og Stream. It drains from the Judean Mountains and into the Dead Sea during the Winter period. In many areas it is incredibly wide and flat, and in others it becomes narrow. There are multiple spots where you can come rappelling with Israel Extreme down dry waterfall beds!

Rappelling in the Galilee and the North of Israel

Heading into the Northern Region of Israel lies a gem not many travellers know about. The Hidden Lava Canyon is the perfect combination of phenomenal beauty, with lush scenery and briming with adventure. As adventurers reach the head of the canyon, they begin their descent. Upon reaching the waterfalls – one of them reaching 120 feet high – this is where the real excitement begins. Rappelling down these volcanic waterfalls will leave you soaking wet depending on the season, as these falls are highly active and gushing with water during the winter and sometimes in the spring. Rappelling with Israel Extreme will take you deep into the Hula Valley and Galilee mountains should you choose to be daring!

Rappelling in Israel has never been easier, and we here in Israel Extreme are at the top of our game! Whatever type of rappelling adventure you crave, we have what you need. If you are up to head into the unknown, come on over and rappel with Israel Extreme!

Alma Cave Heading into the Northern Region of Israel

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Rappelling Into The Unknown

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