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Sinai Desert Tour

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This Tour is not abailable

The Sinai Desert

Sinai Desert – Bedouin Trek in Mt. Sinai
Sinai Desert Tour – a special and unique experience between the red granite mountains, the blooming orchards, the springs and wells of St. Catharine region. Our gear will be carried by camels and will be met by the campsites: lovely orchards with drinking water. All meals are included, not instant or frozen t.v. dinners, but gourmet cooking served with red wine. Most of our food supplies are brought from Israel. In the Sinai Desert Tour we add its specialties: Feta cheese, guyava drinks, Egyptian helva and pita bread. A fish meal at the beach is also included. We will be escorted by one of the best Bedouin desert guides, who has got more than 13 years of experience, and gets along great with the participants. In groups counting more than 7 pax, an additional Israeli staff member joins to help with the logistics.

Bedouin Camping

Sinai Desert – Bedouin Trek in Mt. Sinai

The Desert Tour plan:

Day 1
Meeting at the entrance to the border terminal, Crossing the border to Sinai Desert, meeting with our driver and driving directly to the hiking region. Getting organized and starting the hike, ascending the colorful Talaa canyon, and reaching the orchard of Udah, one of the most beautiful in the region.

Day 2
This day will bring us to Abu-Mahshoor hidden paradise and to the Abas Basha peak, reaching 2305 meters above sea level.

Day 3
The highlight of the third day is the lovely pool of Galt el Azrak, among fascinating observations on the way.

Day 4
The ultimate day: The Naja mountain, followed by the pools of Shag Tinia canyon. After spending the last night in the mountains, a very short walk will take us to the village, where we will meet our transportation. On the way home we will stop for a couple of hours by the beach, for relaxation and a nice fish meal.

The Desert Tour including: Border taxes, transportation in Sinai Desert, guiding, all meals starting breakfast, camels for transferring the camping gear between the camping sites, Bedouin Tour guide, Sheikh fee, entrance fee to the region, camping fees and basic tips for the Egyptian staff.


Payment Arrangements

Sinai Desert – Bedouin Trek in Mt. Sinai
The price is 310 $

Price does not include health insurance (which you are obligated to purchase!) and transportation in Israel.
Passport should be valid
Registration by sending registration fees of 50 $, to: Yoel Oren, Allon, 90618, Israel.
The fee is part of the total payment, but would not be returned if canceling the registration less than a week before the trek, even if the reason should be security causes.
Notice: The Israeli government highly advises not to visit the Sinai Desert! In order to travel as safely as possible we follow these lines: Our driver, Ibrahim from the Mezeina Bedouin tribe, is a dependable driver whom I work with for the last two years. We drive directly from the border crossing to the mountain region and then we offer the option to drive back directly on the way back. In the mountains, we have as the guide Harbi from the gebelia tribe, whom I work with for the last 13 years.
Do not hesitate to call for any additional information Contact me,
Tel: 972-52-3551686.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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Sinai Desert Tour

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