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Skydiving in Israel: Safety First with Israel Extreme and Your Private Tour Guide

So, you are an adrenaline junkie and want to get your next fix by skydiving. But something is holding you back. The big question lurks in the back of your mind: “Is skydiving dangerous?”

The answer is that skydiving in Israel with Israel Extreme is remarkably safe! the best private tour in israel

We all know that besides being fun, skydiving is about pushing your personal limits and building new skills. It’s definitely not about putting yourself in the path of mortal danger. While there are some built in risks, skydiving with a private, English speaking tour guide from Israel Extreme is as safe as other extreme sports.

With proper training and a good dose of courage, skydiving in Israel with your English speaking guide from Israel Extreme is a safe, as well as exciting and spectacular way to soar like a bird and experience the thrill of flying.

The best way to minimize risks when learning how to skydive is knowing what to expect, getting good training, and using good judgement. Your English-speaking, private tour guide from Israel Extreme provides all three.

skydiving in israelSafety always comes first with Israel Extreme’s licensed, English speaking tour guides. Tandem jumps with trained instructors who are very experienced offer the safest option. The student and the instructor are harnessed together and use a single parachute. You will be together for the entire skydive, from the minute you board the plane until both of you touch the ground.

The skydiving equipment used for students are designed to be reliable and easy to use. The parachutes are specially designed for two people. You will also have a reserve parachute equipped with the most dependable and technologically advanced, computerized safety devices, in the likely event that the main parachute doesn’t open properly.

Skydiving in Israel need to Know

Before jumping, you will learn or review basic skills, including operating a parachute, safety, free falling, and how to land.

Most importantly, for a memorable and outstanding experience, remember to relax and have fun during your skydive with Israel Extreme!

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Skydiving in Israel

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