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There are only 2 salt caves in the world. One is in Iran and the other is our very own Colonel, in Israel.

The Colonel Cave is one of the most unique, rarest and exciting caves tours in Israel. Starting at the lowest spot on Earth at 1,370 feet below sea level, the hike up to the top of the natural salt mountain is breathtaking. The trek up has stairs and metal ladders that are built into this magnificent mountain which makes the hike more diverse.

Dead Sea View

From the top, you have awe-inspiring views of the Dead Sea spread out beneath your feet and the mountains of Jordan just beyond. You will also see the vast salt and mineral fields where they dry the salt and minerals to use for cosmetic products.

Colonel Cave on Mount Sedom

The Colonel Cave is on Mount Sedom, where the city of Sedom from the Bible sat and was destroyed. The Colonel Cave was also a place where the British Army in the 1930’s would hide from the heat as they didn’t have air conditioning in that time. They would crawl into the cave and they built a wooden structure inside that they sat under to help protect themselves in the cave from falling rocks. One of the many interesting things you will see is an old generator outside that used to supply them with light inside the cave. There are also the old homes where they lived still in place.

The Colonel Cave hides such a magnificent beauty. You first reach a cozy canyon, where a mysterious and substantially sized hole that will lead you into the belly of the Earth. You have to rappel one person at a time nearly 300 feet down through a chimney of pure salt to the cave floor.

caolonel cave Rappeling in Israel Tours

Inside The Colonel Cave

Once inside the Colonel Cave you see the different colors of the salt all around you, from the ceiling, the walls, and even the floor. There are stalagmites and stalactites made of salt, which are different colors and so beautiful, unlike other caves that are made of rock.
Besides rappelling, you have to wear headlamps to see where you are going and you are in a majestic cave where you will need to bend and also have to do spelunking (crawling in certain areas). Be prepared to get dirty and to have a lot of fun and be wowed by this amazing natural phenomenon.

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The Colonel Cave

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caolonel cave Rappeling in Israel Tours

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