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The Holy Kabalistic city of Zefat

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The Kabalistic City- Zefat

The Holy Kabalistic city of Zefat

Zefat is one of 4 Jewish holy cities in Israel and is located in the upper hills of the Galilee. Zefat was always considered over the centuries as the capital of Kabbalah in the world and was where one of its most prominent and well known teachers lived, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, who wrote the main Kabbalah book known as The Zohar. Zohar means Splendor or Radiance. The book of The Zohar is widely regarded as the most important work of Kabbalah. It is a mystical commentary on the Torah (the five books of Moses), written by Rabbi Bar Yohai. It consists of a mystical discussion about the nature of God, the universe and its origins and structure, the nature of souls, sin, redemption, the tension between good and evil in the world, and the relationship between man and God.

Galiliee Tours – Zefat: is surrounded by graves from different eras of prophets, known Jewish religious leaders and known Kabbalah wise men. What that was known in ancient times only to few people in Zefat is today open for whoever wants to drink from this spring of wisdom.

Fill the Kabbalah spirit and the general spirituality of Galilee Tours in Zefat dominates the city and can be seen and felt in it’s narrow allies, unique art galleries and jewelry store and in it’s special synagogues and ancient architecture.

Zefat Today And Then

Kabbalah is now more popular than ever all over the world among Jews and non-Jews alike. There are many reasons for this trend, such as the service that celebs such as Madonna made to this mystic field of Judaism. The growing popularity of Kabbalah jewelry and art associated with it, effect the growing awareness to spirituality in the world, especially in the world of Jewish spirituality and mysticism, a world that has been secret for many years, and especially not approachable to non-Jews. The roots of Kabbalah go back 3000 years to Mount Sinai when Moses got the two tablets of the Ten Commandments from God. Since then Kabbalah was considered as a secret wisdom, that only few really knew, with teachings that were passed on from generation to generation to hand picked students who were considered wise and spiritual enough so as to practice and pass on its secrets. Kabbalah is a spiritual discipline that deals with the creation of the world, the spirit of men, self awareness, the powers of the soul, secrets of the universe, and a path to enlightenment. Learning Kabbalah today and using its symbols and divine letters is considered as a virtue against evil eye and a virtue for prosperity harmony and health. If you would like to make a trip following the footsteps of Kabbalah’s most enlightened teachers and students the best place to do it in Israel is in the holly city o f Zefat (Tsfat).

Israel Tours – Kabalah

If you would like to have a unique Kabbalah souvenir from Zefat you’ll find all over the city special Kabbalah jewelry shops and street vendors offering their hand made crafts beginning with the traditional and famous red strings against evil eye and up to gorgeous golden and silver gilded Kabbalah jewelry, and also other Kabbalah art such as paintings and silver works. These jewelry and art items will usually contains different letters combinations and Jewish symbols that are used as virtues against evil eye and can bring, according to the believers, harmony, love and prosperity to your life. A trip or tour to the city of Zefat will make spirituality, mysticism, and a feeling of attachment to a distant yet living past very emotional at times but always unforgettable.


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The Holy Kabalistic city of Zefat

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