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Israel Wineries Tours

Israel Wine Tour Send us your requeset and we will help you plan your Israel wine tour with our Tour Guides.
Israel tours offer tourists an interesting day out that appeals to all the senses.

Take in the beauty of the luscious mountains and hills where Israel’s rural vineyards soak up the Mediterranean sun.
Find out about the ancient methods of wine making and storage, some of which are still used today.
Sample the local varieties on offer, identifying the distinct aromas and flavors of each.


Wineries Tours


offer enjoyable and educational trips out. They take you to some of the most stunning parts of the country and, what’s more, you leave with a bottle of two of locally produced Israel wines, to share among family and friends when you return home.

Join our Tour guides for a wine tour in Israel


  • I know how to enjoy life and am ready to make an effort to discover new experiences.
  • In my opinion, wine is one of the better things this world has to offer.
  • I enjoy a good wine, and know how to distinguish a really good wine from the tour israel Salokiya Winery
  • I have already visited Israel in the past, and will visit again if I am offered an opportunity to see something besides the regular tourist spots.
  • I especially enjoy visiting wineries and boutique restaurants, which prepare local gourmet foods.
  • I love when people show me special “off-the-map” sites that others don’t know about.
  • I am a refined person, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
  • I prefer a trip with a private guide to organized tours.
  • It’s hard for me to believe that Israel, of all places, has an abundance of developing wineries.
  • I love surprises and adventures…as long as they’re positive ones.

The Answers

If you answered “yes” to 3 or more of the above…you are already on your way to the most exhilarating and exciting tour of Israel you’ve ever had!

Perhaps you’ve already traveled Israel. You’ve seen the Golan and MidbarYehuda, you’ve been to Masada and made the rounds of Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee.
But if you’ve done all this with a travel guide – you only saw what everyone sees, and you were only in places everyone has been to.

We can take you on a different kind of trip entirely. A trip full of surprises! For example, choose from the following:

A private trip to lovely, hidden treasures, from local diners to the best boutique wineries in the country, with samplings from local productions and slow food.
A professional tour for wine lovers, among the best of the dozens of wine boutiques in Israel, with wine tastings and meetings with local vintners.

For Private Wine Tour Contact us now!

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Author: Gateway to Israel Tours

Your guided tour in Israel starts Here, design your own guided tour to this magical land, the Land of Israel To start planning your trip to Israel right now, simply select a licensed Israel Tour Guide from our list, contact him directly.

Wine Tour in Israel

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