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What an honor it is to go hiking in Israel, from sea to shining sea, literally! Hiking in Israel from West to east, from the Mediterranean Sea to The Sea of Galilee.

Yam Le Yam is one of the most famous trails in Israel. A trail that is used by many movements and scout groups starting from way before 1948! Long before there was any markings people would create paths through the valley and up the mountains yearly. The purpose was to go from sea to sea. The tradition is to fill up bottle with fresh Mediterranean Sea water and poor it out into The Sea of Galilee, once you get there. The terrain mostly follows two long river streams Nachal Kziv and Nachal Amud. For some of the hike you are going uphill against the streams direction and then in the middle you start to go down stream along the river.

Yam Le Yam Trail

This special Yam Le Yam trail is beautiful for many reasons. One is that it’s an evergreen trail so throughout the year while hiking in Israel, it will be green. In the fall, you can see the foliage and lots of colored leaves. In the spring you will see many flowers blossoming along the way. In the summer the trail provides shade along the way and in the winter Yam Le Yam has lots of water and fresh plants. Every season provides something new to see. If you go in summer and then in winter it will be an entirely different trail experience. You can find fresh water even at the end of the summer which is rare in Israel. The most famous spring is Ein Tamir which attracts a lot of people and families all year round.

Hiking and Wildlife

While hiking in Israel you will encounter lots of wildlife. This area is rich with wildlife, you can find a lot of foxes, jackals, wild pigs and even some hyenas and wolves. They are not dangerous unless you meet a mom with cubs and she feels stress it can become a danger. The best time to see the animals are early in the morning or late afternoon. In the last ten years hiking in Israel became more popular and specifically the Yam Le Yam trail has become a trail well loved by everyone. Yam Le Yam is also a great practice run amongst teenagers before or after their army service before traveling abroad. This trail is well marked and very difficult to get lost in. There are also some lodging solutions along the way. It is very organized and accessible.

Yam Le Yam is an 85 km hike which can be done between 3-5 days.

There are some extreme people who do it 2 days, and some legends who have done this in 1 day, hiking 24 hours nonstop. The total of meters you climb up and down is around 3.000 meters.

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Yam le Yam Amating Hiking in Israel

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Yam le Yam Amating Hiking in Israel

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